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Carpet & Floor ARMOUR™

Carpet Armour (2).png

Carpet ARMOUR™ is a temporary, one-time use protective film used to cover carpet to protect it from becoming solid or damaged during heavy traffic, moving, painting, remodeling, or any other time when carpet needs premium protection.

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Floor ARMOUR™ is perfect for protecting most hard, non-porous surfaces and flooring such as vinyl, ceramic tile and grout. Blue-tint-ed for visual I.D., Floor Protection is adhesive-backed and reverse wound for easy installation. The tough polyethylene film peels right off when the job is done. 

Floor armour in use.png
Carpet & Floor Armour together_edited.jpg
  • Super-tough polyethylene film resists puncturing and tearing for long-lasting protection.

  • Reverse wound for fast, easy application.

  • Special low-tack adhesive eliminates slipping and sliding.

  • The Excalibur Applicator for high volume commercial applications saves time and cuts labor costs.

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